Stitcher iPad app brings on-demand streaming audio to your tablet

Stitcher iPad app brings streaming music to your tablet
Stitcher iPad app brings streaming music to your tablet

I’m a big fan of podcasts and Internet radio so I was very excited to check out the Stitcher iPad app. This brings podcasts and live streaming radio to your tablet without having to download anything.

I downloaded the free Stitcher iPad app yesterday and have been playing around with it for a few hours. I’ve used this on the Android platform a while ago but I stopped because it would crash too often.

Luckily, that’s not the case with the Stitcher iPad app, as it was rock solid and had a nice user interface. The home page brings you curated topics like what’s hot in the news, the top stations on the Stitcher service or something topical. For instance, the home page yesterday was filled with a lot of tax information because April 15 (tax day in the United States) is just around the corner.

What type of content can you expect from the Stitcher iPad app? Well, you can get popular streaming podcasts from the likes of Adam Carolla, Kevin Smith, NPR’s Fresh Air, ESPN Sports radio and more.

One neat feature of the program is that you can find live radio stations that are streaming around the Internet and you can even hit a filter to find the nearby ones. I couldn’t get this to work but it may have been a connection issue on my end.

The Stitcher iPad app also includes the ability to hook into premium subscription content. For example, if you’re a subscriber to Rush Limbaugh or Jim Rome’s Internet services, you’ll be able to access it through this app.

Using audio-heavy programs like Stitcher or Pandora are a bit different on a tablet, as I generally don’t sit down to just listen to music or audio content – I’ll put it on while I’m traveling or doing something else. The Stitcher iPad app will eventually support AirPlay and I really think that could make it more useful for how I use these types of programs.

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