War Pinball for iPhone Features Charlie Sheen, #Winning and More

War Pinball for iPhone

War Pinball for iPhone

Relatively new to the App Store comes a new Pinball game that is certainly worth a look… that is, if you’re into that kind of thing.

‘War Pinball’ from the folks at Gameprom is the latest in a lineup of super-fantastic-awesome pinball games that seem to be hitting the App Store as of late. In this one, you get three war themed pinball machines… each one takes after a different movie, thanks to collaboration with MGM studios.

The first machine has the look and feel of ‘Platoon’, and even features a picture of the one-and-only Charlie Sheen. (#Winning). The second machine features ‘Navy Seals’ artwork, so you get the likeness of Charlie Sheen (again), and Michael Biehn on-board. Last (but not least) is a ‘Missing in Action’ machine featuring Chuck Norris as James Braddock. How awesome is that?

Key features of War Pinball include:

  • 3D Cinematic graphics optimized for iPhone 4
  • Unique soundtrack with audio from the movies
  • Local and online high scores
  • Share your scores via Twitter

C’mon, this game has Charlie Sheen AND Chuck Norris, how can you go wrong? Get your pinball on and start #winning.

War Pinball ($0.99) [iTunes link]

War Pinball for iPhone

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