BlackBerry PlayBook is here and IntoMobile is taking your questions [LIVE]!

Hey, folks! We’re sure you’ve seen BlackBerry PlayBook reviews hitting the web the past few days, and our unit just arrived this morning. So, while we’re working away at our review to give you guys the details, we’re also live-streaming so that you can ask us questions for the next half hour or hour. Ask us via the IntoMobile Twitter account, Simon Sage’s Twitter account or Marc Flores’ account and we’ll answer as many questions as we possibly can.

Questions about weight? The packaging? Accessories? Whatever it is, feel free to ask!

Live TV by Ustream

  • Anonymous

    Simon, good job

  • berryhood

    does hulu work

    • Jettgerbil

      Yes saw it running Hulu, on I believe Crackberry, it appeared to run svery moothly, the writer had it running on his 40″ TV, in full HD, so it was cool…alsohe had bluetoothed in his wirelessmouse and keyboard combo…

  • Notthis

    Way too small.

    Worthless IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing humble about an a-hole.

      I knew it would come to this. Faced with a superior OS apple fanboys will resort to size. Size is a personal opinnion. Soon RIM will put out a larger one in addition. Then it will be ” too boxy” There will always be something.

  • Marvynw

    will it work on ?

  • Marvynw

    Can you shows how does typing in the docs to go look?

  • Dreadz24

    Is there a bottom right corner gesture?

  • kdarling

    Any favorite apps yet? How many have you gotten running at one time?

    • Anonymous

      Nice question for the iPad2 we know the answer 1. Isn’t it nice that we can even ask this questions about the PlayBook.

  • Anonymous

    I have a question. I come to this site and under operating systems on the front page you have Apple, Android and Windows (then Others). Huh? Is windows paying you? I kind of don’t think windows comes in at anywhere near the third largest mobile operating system. What gives with this subliminal dissing of Blackberry?

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