The iPhone 4 Cushion: Put Yourself into ‘Sleep’ Mode!

The iPhone 4 Cushion

The iPhone 4 Cushion

Tired of waiting for the white iPhone 4? If you are, you may want to lay your head down for a little nap… on your very own iPhone 4 pillow!

New (I think) from the folks at iCushions comes the iPhone 4 cushion. This plush product is a reproduction of the look and feel of your favorite iOS-powered device in stress-relieving, nap inducing pillow form. It’s full of polystyrene beads, and the cover is 88% polyester, and 12% spandex. It measures in at 25x20x13 cm’s and weighs in at 300 grams. Geek-tastic!

The cushion/pillow looks just like your iPhone 4 right out of the box, with your typical home screen icons, volume buttons, audio input, camera lens…. and heck, even an ‘apple’ logo is found on the back side of the pillow (although, I’m sure iCushions couldn’t reproduce the logo 100% spot-on due to legal reasons).

Sadly, the cushion is sold out at the moment, but apparently stock should refresh by April 25th… so if you have your eye on this, you may want to check back at the end of the month.

For more information, hit up the product link below.

iPhone 4 Cushion ($29.95) [ link]

Note: If you’re still rocking a 3G, a version of this ‘cushion’ is available as well.

  • Anonymous

    where’s a verizon version? lol, and wheres my thunderbolt pillow of lightning?

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