Edible Gummy iPhone Cases: When Real Food Just Won’t Do

Edible Gummy iPhone Cases

Edible Gummy iPhone Cases

Have you ever been tempted to take a nibble of your iPhone case? No, not even a little bite? I haven’t either. That’s why, when I came across the edible gummy iPhone cases over at ThinkGeek… I was left scratching my head.

Filed under ‘why the *#@! would someone make that?’, these edible cases from Korea come in 8 delicious flavors. I can’t help but wonder how ‘delicious’ these things really are. Available flavors include: Kimchi (orange), Bubble Tea (pink), Fermented Apple (red), Garlic Cream (white), Bitter Flower (yellow), Chili Ginseng (green), Pickled Berry (blue) and Fish Lip (purple). Mmmmmmm, garlic cream, bitter flower and fish lip you say!? Sounds scrumptious! 😛

The cases are approximately 4mm thick all the way around, and are moulded to fit your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS just fine.

No more words are necessary here. If you really feel the urge to buy one of these things, I’m hoping it’s for a gag gift (literally).

Edible Gummy iPhone Cases ($12.99) [ThinkGeek link]

Edible Gummy iPhone Cases: Available colors/flavors

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