Intel CEO confirms Android 3.0 Honeycomb port to x86

Although Android 3.0 may be somewhat undercooked in its current form, interest from vendors has not waned. During a conference call of Intel’s quarter one financial results, CEO Paul Otellini revealed that they are in the process of porting Honeycomb to x86, meaning we’ll likely be seeing Atom-based Android Honeycomb tablets in the future.

Intel has received the Honeycomb source code from Google, and are working “actively” on porting the tablet-based OS for upcoming devices, giving manufacturers yet another choice when making devices. To make itself more attractive to device makers, Intel is offering up a $10 subsidy for every tablet shipped with an Intel chip inside of it. Even better, it looks like we won’t have that much longer to wait, and we could possibly see some of these Android 3.0 Intel based tablets hit sometime this year.

We’d imagine that Google is still polishing up Android 3.0 as we speak, but we also wouldn’t be surprised if the next version of the mobile operating system will somehow help Honeycomb along its way. A lot is riding on Ice Cream, as it’s rumored to be called, and may possibly unify Android-based phones, tablets, and even Google TV. The search has admitted that it took a “shortcut” with Honeycomb to ensure the Motorola Xoom would be released on time, and maybe now it’s just being finished up. Maybe not.

With Intel carving its way into the Android space, it stands to attract a large following with the introduction of its Honeycomb tablets. It’ll be interesting to see what Intel will bring to the tablet, and what vendors are first in line to bring us these devices. Even with Honeycomb still enduring it’s growing pains the phone OS experienced, but this time around there’s  many interesting parties waiting at the gate to get access to the source code once officially released.

Would you be interested in an Intel based Android Honeycomb tablet?

[Via: TechSpot]


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