How To : Root T-Mobile G2X with one click – custom recovery coming soon

We’re no longer surprised when a brand new Android phone receives root access the day of its release, or even before it’s release. That still doesn’t make us any less excited, and the T-Mobile G2X just got its root-wings with an existing one-click root program, SuperOneClick. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.

To get your G2X rooted right away, follow these simple instructions

1. Download the LG drivers here and the latest version of SuperOneClick

2. Make sure “USB Debugging” is selected in Settings>Applications>Development

3. Connect the G2x to your computer via the USB cable.

4. Run SuperOneClick, press Root, and follow the instructions.

*If it asks you to install BusyBox, say yes.

There you have it, folks. Your G2X is rooted and ready for some hackery.

Speaking of which, Cyanogen, the obvious head of the popular custom ROM for Android, CyanogenMod, picked up the G2X today. This means that we’ll be seeing some great mods and ROMs coming out for the G2X rather soon. Even better, the custom recovery ClockworkMod has successfully be flashed the handset, making way for even more goodies to come along.

T-Mobile’s G-series devices have been the go-to Android phones for developers and hackers, and the G2X will fit nicely into the family. The day isn’t even complete and there looks to be a lot of progress done in the G2X hacking arena, and at this rate, we may see some custom ROMs hit very soon. With a G2X in Cyanogen’s pocket, and a successfully flashed custom recovery, we’d say it’s been a pretty good day for T-Mobile’s new flagship phone.

Keep in mind that rooting your phone can be dangerous, and even though this method is painless, you still assume all responsibility for what you do to your handset.

That said, enjoy hacking your phone, and here’s to hoping we’ll see CyanogenMod 7 in the very near future

[Via: XDA-Developers, AndroidSpin]


  • So Blue

    In proper English, you should write “before its release”, or “before it’s released” and not “before it’s release” as you did.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. I hope that’s not all you got out of the article.

    • So_Blue_is_a_dumbass

      What a nittpicker! I bet you’re one of those going around correcting people while you’re simply a dumbass yourself.

  • So Blue

    In proper English, you should write “before its release”, or “before it’s released” and not “before it’s release” as you did.

  • It’s stuck on “waiting for device” for 30 mins now.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like ADB isn’t set up correctly, maybe. Not sure why it’s doing that.

    • Superdude3

      same here

  • Anonymous

    How can it be called SuperOneClick? There are 4 steps each comprising many clicks and typing!

    • Anonymous

      Now you’re just being picky. 🙂 Honestly, if you wanted to apply mods or hacks to the phone, you’d already have the correct drivers installed, and USB debugging checked. Leaving you to connect your phone to the computer, which isn’t something hard enough to even be called a step. So downloading the root program and pressing a button shouldn’t be something to complain about. It sure beats running a bunch of commands through ADB!

  • Mario

    I downloaded the superoneclick file but nothing happens when i click on it, i got adb to work and installed all the LG android drivers. What am i doing wrong? Can please somebody help me out

  • Bajee66

    it wont download

  • poop

    That was easy. How do I know if it’s rooted?

  • poop

    That was easy. How do I know if it’s rooted?

  • Chris_foyn

    Can i get free apps from android marked when rooted? 🙂

  • Kyniro

    Everytime i try to do the root. It stops at step #6 and stays there then says not responding. I uninstalled and reinstalled software 3 times. Could you help me please i’m really trying to root my g2x. Thank you in advance

    • Metrodubs

      same issue. 

  • ron

    is it truly easy like thay say

    • ron

      i see a lot of poeple are haveing truble with it

    • dart

      yes it’s that easy..I found I had to download superoneclick 2.3 but none the less it work with just a click/

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