Pimp Your Screen updated with Lock Screen Maker

Roughly a month ago we talked about Pimp Your Screen, an app made by Apalon that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to customize their beloved devices without jailbreaking them. Now they [Apalon] released an update (version 1.2), which adds the Lock Screen Maker feature that will make users “forget about a uniform look of the lock screen forever.”

As a result, you will be able to change the color of the clock and slider skins, add texture to it, put a background image and spice it up with a frame or even use your own photo. Pimp Your Screen remains easy to use and the price is unchanged, as well – it’s 99 cents.

Commenting on the new version launch, Apalon’s VP Peter Melnikov said: “I think Pimp Your Screen is exactly what iOS users have been waiting for and the app ranking is the best proof of it. Pimp Your Screen has changed the look of iOS devices just as Apple changed the entire mobile industry. Current update with the Lock Screen Maker is one more great way to jazz up your device, add some individuality and personality this time to the lock screen.”

Pimp Your Screen ($0.99) [iTunes link]

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