Loopt launches Qs local micro-reviews service to encourage user participation

Loopt Qs

Loopt may have a solution for the infamous 90-9-1 rule for web and mobile content, which says that 90% of people consume content, 9% interact with content and only 1% of users actually create the content. Their new Qs local micro-reviews service is said to represent a “complete shift” in how consumers socialize information about places in real time.

Relying on a familiar poll format, Qs presents users with a simple, quick-to-answer questions (most often multiple choice), encouraging broader participation among users. Using it, Loopt will allow its users to:

  • Get specific information about a place in real time. For instance, you will be able to read an off-the-menu entrée, a specialty cocktail or the shortest bathroom lines at the ballpark. People can also push Qs to Loopt users around them to help get an answer or post the question to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Contribute to the local conversation. In less than three seconds, you can answer a short question about a bar, concert, park – or wherever you are at the moment. Each answer adds to the real-time local conversation, which is viewable in a location-based stream and accessible from the homescreen of the Loopt app.

Adding some sort of structure sounds like a good idea. Hopefully, Loopt users will dig the idea and add their two cents to the conversation. We’ll see…

[Via: Loopt Blog]

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