OS Drops for the BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry Tablet OS Update

BlackBerry Tablet OS Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any BlackBerry OS Update action, and with good reason. Either I’m simply not noticing the OS leaks and releases as much anymore, or the pace has slowed down. That said, ever since the PlayBook hit the scene, there’s a whole new group of BlackBerry tablet owners that are keeping their eye open for the latest and greatest OS for their new PlayBook… and guess what, a new OS (official) has dropped for RIM’s first ever tablet!

OS is now readily available. Thankfully, updating the OS on your PlayBook is incredibly easy… you can even carry on doing your work while the download is taking place… however, once download is complete, you WILL need to save your work, restart, and let the PlayBook do its thing.

Not sure how to update your OS? No worries, like I said, it’s dead simple. Simply go to Settings > Software Updates. Tap the Check for Updates button, and the rest is history. Your PlayBook will check to see if an update is available, and if there is, you can download and install it.

Side note: If you’re in the process of setting up your new PlayBook, you may be asked to run a software update within the wizard.

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