T-Mobile G2X spotted running CyanogenMod 7

We know you may be sick of hearing about the T-Mobile G2X at this point, but this should get some owners of the powerful dual-core Android phone excited. The handset should  be next in line to get some CyanogenMod 7 love at some point, but it looks like it may be sooner rather than later, according to the pictures above.

We can’t say that we’re surprised anymore when a new Android handset receives an OS update to the latest and greatest via a custom ROM instead of the official OTA update from the carrier. The G2X will be no different, and while we have no ETA as to when the popular custom ROM will be made available to the public, T-Mobile is likely months away from giving users the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update they so crave. Feel free to prove me wrong, Magenta.

With these shots in the wild already, getting CyanogenMod on the handset could only be a couple of weeks away, and that’s being generous. In order to get everything up and running for the G2X properly, the devs need the resources, and LG has yet to release the source for T-Mobile’s new flagship phone. The Optimus 2X is virtually the same handset, but it’s just not close enough, as system partitions vary between the two. Other factors may also slowing down the development, but it doesn’t look like it’s keeping the team for doing what they do best.

It’ll be a fine day when we get to see the G2X flex its muscles with all the geekery within CyanogenMod 7, making the powerful handset even better. For now, G2X users, you can root your phone, flash a test custom recovery image, and apply some interesting mods to the handset already. This should keep you occupied long enough until the real deal is out. If not, check out Tegra Zone.

[Via: TheAndroidSite]


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