AT&T introduces Remote Mobility Zone, mini cell towers for disaster personnel

Cell phone tower

Cell phone tower

AT&T introduced a new service called Remote Mobility Zone for government and emergency personnel. The program provides voice and date services in those instances when wireless coverage has been disrupted due to a natural or man-made disaster. The technology provides suitcase-sized cell phone towers to first responders to use in the field. These tiny and very portable cell towers can provide coverage for up to a half-mile radius from the suitcase. Before you get excited about carrying around a cell tower in the passenger seat of your car, these tiny towers are only available to government agencies and personnel.

Less cool but equally needed are small, mounted cell sites that provide longer-term coverage in areas affected by a disaster. Similar to the suitcase towers, these larger towers will provide much needed wireless data and voice services when the native network has been knocked out.

Lastly, AT&T has developed vehicle-based cell towers that can be deployed quickly and moved easily. These specialized “park and use” cars include a roof mounted satellite dish for improved communications. This Remote Mobility Zone service is compatible with existing AT&T handsets. The network can also be used to prioritize cellular traffic so mission-critical personnel can access the network without interference from others. Check on the ssecond page for addiotional details about this new program from AT&T.

[Via MobileBurn]

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