Charlie Sheen launches $3 “The MaSheen” iPhone App; uses GPS to find 7 gram rocks

The public meltdown of Charlie Sheen is one that polarized people. Some thought it was pathetic, and that the guy doesn’t deserve any media attention because he’s clearly out of his mind. Others saw a celebrity tired of conforming to the image that’s been thrust upon him by the studios and lashing out by becoming every man’s hero; a dude who does nothing all day but drink, does drugs, and sleeps with pornstars. Whatever opinion you may have of Charlie, he’s been leveraging the spotlight that’s been shining on him since he told an interviewer on national television that he consumes crack rocks that weigh 7 grams to make a little bit of pocket money. His latest con is a new iPhone App dubbed “The MaSheen“. It’ll cost you $2.99 and for that amount of dough you get to see several short clips of the mad men himself and a fortune teller that uses the accelerometer. Shake it a few times, ask a question, read the answer off your screen.

What surprises us the most about this application isn’t the price tag, it’s that Apple even approved this thing in the first place. Technically there’s no nudity or other unpleasantries that might anger the App Store Gatekeepers, but still … this app is rather useless. Word on the street is that there’s an Android version in development. No word on how much it will cost. Here’s a list of feature requests knocked up by the IntoMobile crew that we’d like to see in version 2.0 and beyond: use the built in GPS to find our closest crack dealer, use the accelerometer to let our Twitter and Facebook friends know when we’re sleeping with our girlfriends, use the compass to help us figure out which way is up when we get out of bed in the morning with a hangover, and use the microphone to see how many cigaretters we can chain smoke in 5 minutes.

Got a feature you’d like to see?

  • Charlie Mankin2012

    This guy is such a looser. I mean really? Smokes a 7 gram rock of coke?
    Poor MArtin. Know wonder he has nothing to say. I would go get a court order
    making Mr Tiger Blood be forced to be hospitalized. But I also understand Martins
    position. The best way to treat a drug addict is to let the world around him fall down and crumble.
    Then when all is lost. He is broke, No more leaches sucking his money because there is none,
    and he is in a 10×10 cell asking himself wtf happend to me? Then dude will possibly wake
    the **ck up! Dude get a life. Your a Looser, not a winner. Your brother and father are winners. Your
    a train wreck. Loose the leaches, Seek professional help. The real man that you so clam to be
    modled to be reaching on the wierd arse tour of yours has no respect for you and we olny watch in amazment as you melt down and loose everything. Its like slowing down to watch and or see a really bad car wreck. THATS IT WEIRDO!

  • Sbeach


  • Anonymous

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