Sony teases Honeycomb S1, S2 tablets [Video]

Sony teases S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets
Sony teases S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets

Sony has just released a teaser video for its S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets and, while we don’t learn much, we get enough to get us intrigued about these devices.

As you may know, the Sony Android S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets will use the version of the software that’s optimized for a larger screen. The larger S1 will sport a 9.4-inch touchscreen, powered by the monster Tegra 2 chipset, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and it will have support for the Qriocity music and video service.

The S2 Honeycomb tablet is novel because it has two 5.5-inch screens that “taco” together for a clamshell form factor that’s more portable when closed. It features similar guts to its bigger brother and the novel form factor may be appealing to many.

Like the Xperia Play, the S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets will be PlayStation-certified, which means you’ll be able to play PlayStation One games, as well as gain access to the upcoming PlayStation Suite. This is where I actually found the S2 to be interesting because I could imagine one of the screens being used for viewing the game while the other is used for controls.

Unlike the dual-screen Kyocera Echo, I believe that Sony can provide a better dual-screen experience because it will be controlling the gaming software and optimizing it for this form factor. Playing Angry Birds on the Echo with both screens is a pain but playing Crash Bandicoot on the S2 Honeycomb tablet could be a blast.

What’s even better is that the software itself may be ready for prime time when these devices hit the market. It’s quite clear that Android 3.0 was rushed out so the Motorola Xoom could hit the market before the iPad 2 but the software isn’t as polished as it should be quite yet. It’s not bad, per se, but it could use some improvements that should be present when you can buy the S1, S2 Honeycomb tablets.

  • Mvz

    do you have a patent on the tech term “taco together” seemed like a cool marketing term, just curious btw following the same analogy is this terminology only applied to Mexican cuisine or when can we expect oodles of noodles for an Asian twist

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, maybe it’s just my love of Mexican food, as I think it looks like a burrito when it’s folded together. I guess it also kind of looks like a yule log.

      As for noodle designs, I don’t know if our minds are ready for that yet

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