Telmap First to Add BlackBerry Messenger to their App

Awhile back, RIM launched the BBM Social platform, which allowed BlackBerry developers to plug into RIM’s signature messenger client. The first to offer the function is Telmap thanks to the open beta launched last month. They’re a GPS service provider that powers apps from Orange, Telefonica, SFR, and other wireless carriers. The new function simply allows users to request and confirm location sharing through BBM, after which you can see where your contact is in Telmap and get turn-by-turn navigation directions to them. In addition to getting social on BlackBerry, Telmap has recently added Facebook and Twitter functions to their Android GPS app.

On its own, BBM offers some of its own location sharing functions, along with groups, lists, and picture sharing, but by and large, BlackBerry Messenger is respected as a fast, reliable instant messaging client, even though it’s limited to use on RIM smartphones. That may change in time mind you, with rumours indicating an Android version is in the works.

The new feature might not amount to much more than what Google Latitude already offers, but it’s interesting to see developers starting to use BBM right in their own apps, and I suspect we’ll end up seeing a lot more of that kind of thing next week at BlackBerry World. There are also some pretty obvious applications for video games, so you can now smack talk what few multiplayer BlackBerry gamers are out there, but no doubt there are plenty of unexplored applications; where would you like to see BBM integrated?

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