BlackBerry Balance Separates Enterprise and Personal Data

BlackBerry Balance, an upcoming BES feature RIM has been quietly showing off the last couple of months, is now available to businesses that want to keep business data and personal data separate on managed devices. This is done by blocking the pasting of information into personal apps like Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail, locking down files created by business apps, and pop-up notifications for when users try to do something against their IT policy. Balance also enables partial remote wipes of business data, keeping personal stuff intact.

BlackBerry Balance isn’t only a way of combatting the push for fun, more relaxed smartphones like iPhone and Android devices in the workplace, but it also gives businesses a chance to save a buck by having their employees pay for their own BlackBerry in exchange for some more personal freedoms with what would otherwise be a strictly work-related device.

Only devices running OS 6 and up and servers running 5.0 SP 3 and up will be compatible with Balance. For more info, hit up RIM’s website.

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