EA Acquires Flight Control and Real Racing Developer Firemint

If you own an iOS, Android, or WP7 device, then Firemint is a name you should know by now as their games, Flight Control and Real Racing, are some of the most popular titles on each platform. EA has announced today they have purchased Firemint for an undisclosed amount. Firemint will be placed into EA’s EA Interactive division which focuses on digital business and includes EA Mobile, Playfish, and Pogo.

If you recall, EA purchased Angry Birds published, Chillingo, for a reported $20 million. Chillingo currently serves as EA’s publishing branch of more independent titles, while leaving big name titles such as NBA JAM and Dead Space up to EA to publish themselves.

As of now, no other information regarding the purchase was given by either EA or Firemint. We don’t know if EA will allow Firemint to develop its already popular titles, or if they’ll be made to develop games for EA. Another possibility is EA being able to develop Firemint’s games for other platforms or future sequels. And by god, what’ll happen to Agent Squeak?!

As of now, this is all speculation on our part and as soon as we know what this acquisition means for the mobile gaming community, we’ll be sure to report it here.

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