Mr. Number for iPhone and Android updated; Now even better controls who can call you and when

Mr. Number updated its popular mobile application that lets users control who can call them and when. Available for the iPhone and Android smartphones (and soon for BlackBerry), the new version brings the concept of status from instant messaging to mobile voice and text. Just like you would do on an IM client or Facebook, you can update your Mr. Number status to let your friends know when you’re free for a call, when you prefer text, and when you’re tied up. Additionally, you can set Mr. Number to send all your calls to voicemail and let your friends know when you’re free again.

If you don’t know what Mr. Number is all about, you should know it’s an app/service made to block calls and texts from people and companies that you never want to hear from again while also informing you who is calling when you don’t recognize the number (using crowd-sourced caller ID and spam detection). In addition, it also comes with reverse lookup functionality.

In related news, Mr. Number also shared some interesting figures. The company has reached 2 million users who looked up over 20 million different phone numbers, and reported problem calls or spam texts from more than 100,000 numbers. As a result, tens of millions of calls and texts have been successfully blocked.

Mr. Number (FREE) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]

  • Joybethf

    Mr. Number isn’t blocking calls on my Iphone like it did on my android phone.  It does reverse look up but I want the spam numbers blocked what did I do wrong when I installed it?

  • Rodstewart

    I thought I seen when i down loaded mr number a apt  that said this phone is no longer in service if there is that would be great

  • Jldalbert

    When will Mr. Number be available for download to my iphone.

  • They lie… they say apple doesn’t allow them to have an app like this for the iPhone but that’s a lie cause they had it before… they sure have it for android still though… they just lost my business as I will not support anyone that is biased like that… 

  • Dave

    Save those troublesome numbers in your phone and then edit them for a “no ring” or send it straight to voice mail!  Problem solved!

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