Nokia to launch a pink N8, bundles ELLE fashion app and “Little Pink Diva” theme

Nokia has just announced via their official Nokia Conversations blog that they’re going to release a pink variant of the N8. When exactly it’ll hit the market, and more importantly which version of Symbian will be onboard, was not mentioned, which is about as big of a PR blunder as you can make. The images that Nokia provide of the pink N8 show that it’s running Anna, the marketing name for what’s essentially the UI refresh to Symbian^3 that was first talked about back in November 2010. Let us remind you that we’re currently in May 2011, half a year after Jo Harlow, Executive Vice President of Smart Devices at Nokia, opened her mouth and talked about how the new portrait QWERTY keyboard and web browser in Anna would make Symbian an awesome platform again … so where exactly is it?

Failure to ship software on time aside, we’re actually big fans of the Nokia N8 if you take it for what it is: a camera that can also make calls, send text messages, and connect to the internet, albeit rather awkwardly. We’re not going to lie, it’s a pain in the butt to use Symbian, and the web browser is appallingly bad, which is an absolute shame since Nokia was the first company to shove a full feature browser on a mobile phone, but the 12 megapixel sensor inside the N8 captures stunning photos and even more impressive is the 720p video recording. Check out the latest episodes of The Phones Show from our friend Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian to get an idea of the type of quality you can expect.

Curiously enough, Nokia doesn’t say the pink N8 is for girls, but they do mention that there is an ELLE fashion app on board, along with a “Little Pink Diva” theme. We’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to trash Nokia, why dont you just have a blog for it, or make a post “Now I will trash Nokia”.
    The N8 is an amazing device!

    • Stefan is right about the N8, and i say that as a year-long Nokia enthusiast and supporter. Symbian in its current version is a pain to use, compared to everything else. There will obviously more updates after Anna, with complete refreshments, but right now, it is as Stefan said.

      • Anonymous

        I love my N8 and see no problems with it.

        • That doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the world thinks like you.

          • Anonymous


            All I’m saying is this:
            Stefan, we all know you hate Nokia(past reason or not), when you write about a new N8/other device you don’t HAVE to bash it, put out there the good things.

            If you just want to bush it, why even bother with the post!?!? Just write a post/blog “I hate Nokia”

            Some good things people forget about the N8:
            *Number of Video codecs(LOTS!)
            *Amazing free Ovi maps
            *USB on the go nor the usual Nokia’s drag&drop
            *Great screen
            *Home screens & widgets work both landscape and portrait mode
            *Amazing battery life

            There is lots to say about this device and others good things and bad things, but it can’t be ALL bad.

  • All executives who ever were associated with S*mbian should be fired. Harsh, but they get golden parachutes anyway, it’s not like any of them would suffer.

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