American Airlines to test video streaming, expand Wi-Fi to virtually entire domestic fleet

American Airlines is all proud to announce they are the first North American airline to begin testing the new inflight streaming video product from Aircell. Using the new service, passengers will get a new entertainment option, allowing them to wirelessly stream movies and TV shows to their personal Wi-Fi-enabled devices during flight.

American and Aircell are currently testing the new inflight video system on two Boeing 767-200 aircrafts in transcontinental service, with plans to begin customer testing early this summer and to eventually roll out the new offering on Wi-Fi-enabled aircrafts starting this fall pending FAA certifications.

In addition, the airline will also work with Aircell to expand inflight Wi-Fi to its narrow body fleet, including additional MD80 and domestic Boeing 757-200 aircrafts. The end goal is to complete Wi-Fi offering on all of American domestic flights, including 93 757 and up to 50 MD80 aircrafts. Installation will begin this summer and continue through 2012…

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