Taptu social news app now ready for Android tablets

Taptu Android app video demonstration
Taptu Android app video demonstration

We were digging the Taptu iPad app a few weeks ago because the news reader with a social twist had a pleasant user interface with strong functionality and we’re happy to see that it is finally available for Android Honeycomb tablets.

The Taptu Android Honeycomb app offers the same basic functionality as the iPad version, as it’s quick to import your RSS feeds and social networks for news. You can also add curated streams from the company itself or dedicated news streams from publications like IntoMobile.

The Taptu Android Honeycomb app does offer a few features that can only be found on the Google version, though. First of all, you can now save your stories to Instapaper, which is a great service that allows you to view content later on. You can still also send stories to Facebook, Twitter and via e-mail.

The new version also allows you to import 100 RSS feeds from your Google Reader account, which is a major increase from the previous version on Android. You’ll also be able to control multiple Twitter accounts within the app, which is also exclusive to Google’s platform for now.

As with the iPad version, you’ll still be able to “DJ the news” by adding new streams, merging existing streams and finding the curated source that’s right for you. The Taptu Android Honeycomb app will also include different themes that may be appealing to you.

Interestingly enough, I showed the app to our own Blake Stimac and he said it felt a little overwhelming at first and I could see where one could get that feeling. I think it’s clearly organized but it definitely can throw a lot of information at you all at once.

The iPad version also seemed a little prettier to me, as there was stuff that was just visually playful which is lacking on the Honeycomb version. Still, give the free app a shot and let us know what you think.

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