Giveaway: Win a Weekend Vacation from IntoMobile & MeMap [Update]

[Update: We’ve extended this contest until May 12th at 11:59pm PT. Please feel free to submit your entry from now until then.]

It’s about time you took a serious, all expenses paid, weekend vacation as a reward for all the IntoMobile contests you’ve been entering recently. We’ve been going crazy with not just one, but TWO iPad 2 giveaways and currently the three Motorola XOOMs up for grabs. We’re all big fans of mobile devices, which is why we write about them and why you come here. But sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of your every day life and take a much needed vacation. In partnership with MeMap, we’re giving away a weekend vacation.

The weekend getaway includes airfare for travel within the continental United States, hotel accommodations for 2 nights (Friday – Saturday or Saturday – Sunday, whichever you prefer), and most reasonable activities will be paid for. You’ll need to travel to a metropolitan airport and there are absolutely no blackout dates for your weekend trip. If you would rather not receive a weekend vacation, we’d be happy to send you an iPad 2 if you’d rather stay home and play with apps all day.

Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to enter our weekend vacation giveaway:

  • Download the MeMap app and leave a rating for the app [iTunes Link]
  • “Like” IntoMobile and comment on one of our wall posts with something related to the post
  • Leave a comment below with the craziest / most interesting /creative place that you’d like to take a weekend vacation to. Your comment should also include your iTunes ID so we can verify that you did leave a rating for the app.

During your trip, you can take advantage of the MeMapp app and share you experiences with both MeMapp users and through your Facebook profile. I’m sure all of your friends and family will be green with envy when they see what you did over the weekend.

We’ll be accepting entries from the time this post is published up until May 6th at 11:59pm. After the contest closes, we’ll proceed to pick a winner at random and contact them through the email address they used to submit their comment on our site. Please make sure to use a valid email address when entering.

Here are the full rules for our contest:

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • You must be a current U.S. resident and we will only ship out prizes to an address located in one of the 50 United States.
  • You will have five (5) days to claim your prize. If you don’t contact us within 5 days, then we will proceed to choose a new winner.
  • Contest provided by IntoMobile. Prize provided by MeMap.


  • How the hell do you enter the contest if you don’t have one of those buggy location snooping iPhones?

  • AzzA

    The most craziest place i would want to take my vacation at would be Antarctica.

  • MVZ

    news: all the mobile OS’s have tracking capabilities so unless you only have a POTS connection we all know who/when/where you are

  • We would visit family in the mountains of Colorado! Respect from Brooklyn!

  • Tyler Meuter

    I would go to Yellow Stone National Park and go backpacking in the wilderness.

  • I’d be off on a weekend bender in Key West – a weekend of sun, surf and cold beverages, watching sun rises and sunsets. (DovC)

  • Jami

    I’d like a trip to Central America to do some hiking. I’d need more than a weekend, so maybe somewhere here in the states like the Pacific NW.

    Left feedback from

  • Anonymous

    I’d like a trip to Tokyo to check out the fashion and video game stores.

    Left feedback from jbomb99101

  • I would take a vacation to Egypt and “check-in” at the very top of the Great Pyramid of Giza using the MeMap app!!!

    Apple/iTunes ID:

    • Oh, I think my feedback shows my nickname “JARZZZZ” instead of my Apple/iTunes ID.

  • burning man baby! I’d checkin right when the man burns. (iTunes: djmaryjoe)

  • Anonymous

    The best place to take a weekend vacation would be during the Songkran Festival in Thailand. Apple iTunes id is bfb42

  • Dappa Dee

    I’d checkin as I wander through the Netherlands and England–been wanting to that for years. My comment name is Dappa Dee

  • Thomas Camplin

    My weekend getaway would be to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Relaxing, refreshing, unique…although I hear the food sucks!

  • i would take a vacation to mexico!

    iTunes ID:

  • David

    me and the lady could use the vacation without the kidos

  • Honestly I would love to go to Casablanca Morocco….Sounds crazy but ever since I saw the movie with

    Humphrey Bogart I have been DYING to go.. Romantic…i prefer to go with friends..need a vacay from the kids!!! tweeting

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