AHX Global’s Bluetooth-enabled Thumb Keyboard comes with rear-facing touchpad

AHX Global, which you may know for their itablet products, launched an interesting Bluetooth keyboard that works with a number of devices, including the iPad, iPhone, Windows PCs, as well as Android-based tablets and smartphones. Moreover, the so called Thumb Keyboard is also said to be compatible with interactive IPTV systems and popular gaming consoles, though that’s not something we care about here at IntoMobile.

Anyway, the keyboard is pretty compact (measures 5.9 x 3.5 inches) and looks similar to some XBox keyboards we’ve already seen. However, it comes with a twist, rocking the “patented” rear-facing touchpad, which should enable accurate cursor control using either index finger. Sounds and looks cool, though I still have to try it out to give my final verdict.

If you’re eager enough to be one of the early adopters, you can already do that. The price is 79.99 GBP (about $131), and you can secure a single unit for yourself from this page.

At the moment, the Thumb Keyboard is available in black or white with US and UK keyboard layouts. Other commonly used keyboard formats will be launched in Q3 2011.

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