Android Market now has movie rentals

You didn’t think Apple iTunes would steal all the thunder, did you? Android Market now supports movie rentals, many of which are just $1.99. Like iTunes, you have 30 days to watch a movie once you’ve rented it, and 24 hours to complete a movie once you’ve started playing it, which is fair and pretty standard these days. There are thousands of movies to choose from, according to Google, and it looks like the process of getting a movie is easy.

This will go great with the new movies application that Google has for the Motorola Xoom, arguably its best Android tablet. If you dig into the Android Market in Android 3.0 Honeycomb, you’ll find a new movies tab where you can download movies. On the bright side, you’ll also be able to download movies in the background, so you can still go on about your business while your film is being loaded up onto your device.

Stay tuned for more news from Google I/O throughout the day and let us know how you feel about this cool new feature for Android!

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