MobileFocus app allows iOS and Android users to control their EverFocus DVR and IP cameras while on the go

EverFocus, which is one of the 20 global professional security equipment manufacturers, launched MobileFocus – a new mobile app that allows users of EverFocus DVRs and IP cameras to view live images and control their devices via their iOS or Android smartphones.

Available as a free download, the application provides users with the ability to select between different sites where their EverFocus cameras are deployed. Moreover, there are options to control pan/tilt/zoom functions, focus cameras and initiate camera presets, auto-pan, pattern and guard tour programmed routines.

MobileFocus is compatible with EverFocus’ ECOR, Endeavor and Paragon DVR ranges as well as EverFocus NeVio IP cameras.

Those of you using the company’s products without an iOS or Android smartphone/tablet will still be able to view live image streaming from a mobile web browser. Not as fancy as a full-blown application, but good enough. Hopefully, EverFocus will expand the support to include other platforms to the mix and will soon support folks using Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry and/or webOS-based phones.

MobileFocus (FREE) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]

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