Myriad looking to extend Android to cars

Myriad Group is in discussions with “leading companies in the automotive industry” to extend Android to the connected car. The company wants to use its Alien Dalvik virtual machine, which enables the majority of Android apps to run unmodified on a much wider range of platforms and devices.

According to Myriad’s CTO Benoit Schillings, the automotive industry is coming to terms with the idea that it needs to move faster, “shortening product cycles in order to keep up with innovation in consumer electronics.” He goes on to say: “Alien Dalvik is a win-win for the automotive industry, giving customers immediate access to new services tailored for travelling such as interactive maps and guides. Also, manufacturers can be confident their choice of operating system for in-vehicle ICE systems will provide a rich experience – straight out-of-the-box.”

And that’s about all we have at the moment. No car maker partner was mentioned, no dates were given, nada. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to hear something new from Myriad on this front.

Meanwhile, other companies are also trying to make cars smarter. Microsoft has its SYNC which is used in some Ford vehicles, French Parrot makes ASTEROID connected car stereo system, and there’s also MeeGo which was envisioned to work with “anything with a processor inside,” cars included.

[Via: Image from AndroidCarAudio]

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