PhoneLynx for Android Sends Cell Calls to Landline Phones

Cobra, a company that has pumped out some neat accessories for finding your phone and evading traffic radar, has recently launched another niche product. PhoneLynx plugs in to your home phone system, pairs up with your cell phone via Bluetooth, and lets you make and take calls on your landline phones. It sounds like the system fully replaces the land line source, which is too bad; it would be nice for those that keep two phone lines if calls from either were sent to the same handset. In any case, PhoneLynx also comes with an Android app that enables voice dial, caller ID, voicemail indication, speed dial, and noise cancellation on home phones when paired.

This is a pretty unique accessory, and a fine choice for those folks who are comfortable with the landline handsets they already have set up around the house, but have opted to ditch service in favour of mobile. Personally, I’m fine just having the one cell phone to answer, but for larger homes where it’s easy to either not hear or be unable to find that one mobile, it can be handy having all of the landline phones in the house ring. Of course, those of you already hooked up with Google Voice, this system isn’t especially needed.

In any case, PhoneLynx is going for $59.99 – more info here, or you can check their god-awful TV spot below.

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