BlackBerry Haters Now Have Lame British Rapper on Their Side

As it turns out, tacky musical numbers relating to smartphones can be used to defame brands just as much as promote them. British rapper GT Solo has recently published a song called “BB is Dead”, which rags on the BlackBerry’s camera, GPS, internet browsing, app selection, and obsession with BBM. Though Android gets some props, Nokia, Motorola, and LG catch a few stray bullets, leaving BlackBerry with the brunt of the haterade. So what should you get instead? An iPhone, of course.

I guess this is the part where forum fanboyism degenerates into full-blown gang warfare, right?

[via ElectricPig]

  • Ivan

     I can’t believe it has come to this. Please kill me now!

  • Mo

    i agree BB is dead but i wouldn’t just go get an iPhone.

  • tdoughone

     this guy doesn’t even have an iPhone 4. I rather have a torch over his iPhone lol but I own a Nexus S 🙂

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