Final Fantasy Tactics Release Date for iPhone Slips to Summer 2011; iPad Version Confirmed

Last year, Square-Enix announced it would be releasing the 2007 PSP version of Final Fantasy Tactics with all of its enhanced CG movies and additional characters and jobs to the iPhone on September 15, 2010. The game’s release date came and went and we didn’t see Final Fantasy Tactics in the App Store. We were then told the game would be making its debut on the iPhone ‘Spring 2011,’ but it seems as though that tentative date will come and go again, but this time, we received an update via Square-Enix’s Facebook page that may brighten your day as you can expect the game to be released this Summer.

The new tentative date that Square-Enix has thrown out there for the release of Final Fantasy Tactics is “late June – mid July” as the game has entered the final stages of its development.  Not only that, but the company also announced it’ll be releasing an iPad version of Final Fantasy Tactics a little bit after the iPhone version is released. Since the iPad’s resolution supports 1024×768, all of the game’s sprites will support the higher resolution and will look crisp. An example of the HD support can be found below.

The release of Final Fantasy Tactics on iOS has been a long time coming when it was announced at last year’s E3. Now that the game is almost here, I’m happy that iOS gamers will finally be able to experience such a great title on their iPhones and iPads. I’ve always enjoyed the Final Fantasy Tactics series and I always thought its turn-based strategy gameplay mechanics would work perfectly on touch screen mobile devices. I just wish we didn’t have to wait an entire year to finally get it, although we did get Chaos Rings (iPhone / iPad) and Final Fantasy III (iPhone / iPad) within the year, so I guess not all is bad.

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