Wi-Fi Calls on T-Mobile Are Now Free

T-Mobile’s signature Wi-Fi calling service is becoming an even more tempting offer; as expected, the U.S. carrier’s partner recently announced that any UMA-enabled smartphone with an Even More or Even More Plus plan can talk over a local Wi-Fi network without it counting towards their monthly minutes (as was the case previously).

UMA services are currently enabled on T-Mobile’s Android devices and most BlackBerry smartphones, but it looks like this new free service is for Android only. Looking at their FAQ, it seems like the service is a little bit different from the @Home service on BlackBerry, which manages to do seamless hand-off between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

This is a big step in having cell phones replacing land lines, and fights back against Verizon’s attractive VoIP offering through Skype. T-Mobile has an uphill battle completing their merger with AT&T, but it’s good to see that they’re working to stay competitive while they’re still the underdog.

Combined with some high-profile hardware releases like the HTC Sensation and Samsung Exhibit, it’s looking like it’ll be a solid summer for T-Mobile.

[via GigaOm]

  •  I see no telephone cables and power lines poluting our cities come th year 2100

  • Muddywendy

    Just called Tmobile customer care. I was charged $8.00 plus tax, etc. for a wifi call to Australia from the US. I was told there is no free wifi calling yet and would receive a text message when it becomes available.

  • How so i get free T-moole skype on my cell phone? And where the Wi-Fi?

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