Preview: Demolition Dash for iPhone and iPad – Destroying towns ’round the world!

If you saw a 15-foot tall pink monster running around your town, causing thousands of dollars in damage, and seeing the local law enforcement completely powerless in its path of destruction, the last thing you would think is the monster is just having some fun. That’s exactly what Zilla is doing in dreamfab’s latest game, Demolition Dash.

In Demolition Dash, you play as Zilla who has decided it wants to travel around the world to run trough the its most iconic cities, such as Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo. Demolition Dash is a side-scrolling runner game which the player controls Zilla’s jump and road commands.

As Zilla runs through each city, it’ll run up a dollar amount which equals how much carnage it has dealt to the city. Each city will be littered with a number of objects to destroy such as balloons, (hopefully) abandoned vehicles, and trees to name a few. The game isn’t without conflict as Zilla will run into a number of enemies along its adventure through each city that it will have to either try to avoid or let out a roar to knock them out of its way.

Completing each level is as easy as making it to the end of the level without losing all of Zilla’s health. The game ups the challenge as each particular level has a challenge associated with it that will allow Zilla to rack in some big bucks if it the challenge is completed. The challenges range from collecting balloons, knocking over garbage cans, or destroying billboards. Varying the objective in each challenge adds a good amount of replayability as completing a challenge along with completing a level can be quite difficult at times.

Demolition Dash will be released next week, Thursday, May 26th and will launch with 8 cities to rampage through with 3 stages each. An update is planned for June that will add an endless-run mode, in-game statisctics, OpenFeint support (although the game already supports Game Center), and support for additional languages. An iPad & iPad 2 HD version will also be made available, but we’re not sure if it’ll be in time for the game’s big launch next week.

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