Virgin Mobile USA unveils LG 200, simple messaging feature phone

Using the tagline “sometimes you just don’t need an app for that”, Virgin Mobile USA unveiled a new member of its payLo family – LG 200 (or just LG200 as it’s pointed on the carrier’s website). The easy-to-use feature phone rocks a full QWERTY keyboard, making it ideal for heavy texters and folks who like to keep up with their buddies across social networks. Additionally, it also comes with a 2.2-inch color screen, VGA camera, Bluetooth connectivity support, speakerphone and a battery that’s good enough for up to 4 hours of talk and 12.4 days of standby time.

The LG 200 is available for $69.99 and along with it you’ll also have to grab Virgin’s payLo plan, which offers 1500 minutes, 500 messages (text, image and video) and 10MB of data use for $30 per month.

If you find this a compelling offer, head over to this page at Virgin Mobile USA’s website and take it from there.

[Via: MobileBurn]

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