Unboxing the HP Veer 4G for AT&T

We’ve just gotten our review unit for the HP Veer 4G, and we figured we’d better get this thing unboxed for you guys sooner than later. It’s the newest webOS device for AT&T, and this thing is tiny. If you thought the Pre or Pixi was small, wait until you see this thing. Its length and width make it smaller than a credit card, and though it’s thicker than an iPhone or the Samsung Infuse 4G, you can hardly tell because of its petite overall stature.

There isn’t a whole lot of junk in the box, which is nice considering how small the device is. But don’t let its stature fool you, the thing does pack a bit of weight and heft for its size. It also feels solid right out of the box and the click of the sliding mechanism is satisfyingly firm.

We’re grinding away at the review, but for now check out our quick unboxing and stay tuned for the rest of our thoughts this week.

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