T-Mobile kills unlimited data plans, changes up prepaid, post-paid plans

T-Mobile kills unlimited data plans

T-Mobile is shaking things up a bit with some new changes to its pre-paid and post-paid cell phone plans, and has kissed unlimited data plans goodbye. It seems to be the direction that most carriers are heading now, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time before all carriers in the U.S. offered tiered data packages. With these new tiered plans, however, T-Mobile just went from being one of the more economical carriers in terms of plan pricing to being right up there with AT&T and Verizon.

For unlimited minutes and SMS, the new plans are as follows:

  • Talk and text only – $59.99
  • 200MB – $69.99
  • 2GB – $79.99
  • 5GB – $89.99
  • 10GB – $119.99

For those who need 500 minutes or less, the plans are as follows:

  • Talk and text only – $49.99
  • 200MB – $59.99
  • 2GB – $69.99
  • 5GB – $79.99
  • 10GB – $109.99

Basically, for the 500 minute plans, subtract $10 per data tier from the unlimited minutes plans. For $10 per month, however, it might be worth it to have unlimited minutes unless you’re the type who never goes over 100 or 200 minutes.

How do you feel about these new pricing packages along with the looming uncertainty over the potential AT&T acquisition? Let us know your thoughts!

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  • Edlong

     One things for sure if AT&T doesn’t buy them, they are dead in the water.  All I can say is, thanks for driving my Sprint stock up! Dumb move on your part T-Mobile.

  • Minifouch

    are they making Tmo crash so they can go for a easy buy ?

  • pulled pork

    T-Mobile will shoot itself in the foot repeatedly to get this merger passed . Just watch . 

  • Demegorgon

    read the fine print…they still have unlimited data, the limits are on there 4G speed. once you reach your 4G limit you are slowed down to unlimited 3G until next billing cycle.

    • Dont know where you got your information from, but T-Mobile has stated that speeds will be reduced to GPRS speeds, which equates to 56kbps MAX.

      • John316

         Just talked to a T-Mobile rep and she confirmed that it will be lowered to 3G after the 4G limit has been reached. So…really not much of a difference as my phone can’t use 4G anyway, nor do most of the phones out there right now. And the plans are cheaper now than they were before.

        PWN – T-Mobile
        FAIL – uninformed consumers

        • Rwalford79

          Ironic T-Mobile stated to me that previously 4G speed reduced to 3G at the cap and 3G reduced to 2G for phones capable of those speeds respectively, but was also told that it was across the board 2G after the cap equating to 56kbps speeds.

  • Fer428000

    Done T-Mobile is done

  • Hal897

    Who would sign a contract with T mobile now. Stick to prepaid and be ready to switch to Tracfone, who will be the big winners in the AT@T and T mobile merger. With all the great low priced smart phones that are now coming out, there is no reason to go anywhere else

  • Anonymous

     What I really want to know is how big of a role AT&T played in this shift. AT&T told us it would keep T-Mobile’s existing pricing rates if the merger was complete, so it’s interesting that the unlimited option goes bye-bye now:


    Of course, every carrier is moving toward the death of unlimited plans, so you never know if T-Mobile would have done this anyways

    • Anonymous

       That is true, and one has to wonder whether AT&T already knew this was going to happen.

    • Marin, do you not realize that T-Mobile has ALWAYS had these throttling caps in place?

      • Anonymous

        Yeps, I don’t think this change is a huge deal but it is interesting about the timing.

  • Medusasdilemma

    This really makes me mad. With the AT&T merger etc, we were promised no rate increases etc. But, loophole factor, this isn’t a rate increase, its a revision to plans offered. Grrrr.

    • Sloslogood

      if you paid your bill, it would not be a problem…you dumb C___t

  • John316

    Did any of you even go to the t-mobile website to see for yourselves? I did, and also talked to a rep, data is still unlimited for 3G speed, the cap is just for 4G data transfer rate. Once you go over the cap, you are dropped down to 3G speed. Oh my god that’s so slow! (sarcasm)

    How many of you actually live in a city with 4G access AND have a phone that’s 4G compatible? (or more like HSPA+) The plans are actually cheaper now with the new plan. I’m going to sign up for the 1000 minute family plan with 2GB 4G data service for one phone at the end of the year. I would actually end up saving money AND get more minutes. The most data I’ve ever used in a month was like 1.4GB. If I want “high-speed” data I would just connect to wi-fi anyway.

    Which brings me to my next point. If you live in the city or suburb, there is wi-fi freaking every where for you to connect to, it is a lot faster than mobile broadband, 4G or 3G. And if you live in a rural area where wi-fi is not as prevalent, you probably don’t have 4G coverage in your area anyway. So really, your complaints don’t have much ground in the facts department.

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