Review: Zomm, Bluetooth done right

Zomm joins the growing list of multi-porpose Bluetooth accessories that solve more problems than the basic earpiece. The simple fact is millions of smartphones with built-in Bluetooth are shipping worldwide and so far, the majority of Bluetooth accessories have been earpieces that have arguably stopped innovating beyond decreasing in size. This trend is shifting toward more powerful and creative devices like the Zomm and the Jawbone Jambox.

The Zomm Wireless Leash has three primary uses: a digital leash, a speakerphone and an emergency siren.

1. You always walk away from your phone

Are you the type of person who constantly walks away from your phone and then wonders where it went? The Zomm Wireless Leash won’t let you get away with that behavior anymore. After activating the Zomm using the free, downloadable myZOMM software, pairing your phone to the Zomm (the standard process after purchasing a Bluetooth device) and attaching it to your keychain, you will never leave your phone behind again (unless you walk away from your keys too). As soon as the Zomm’s Bluetooth connection to your phone is broken, it vibrates, flashes lights, and beeps. If this sounds a bit overwhelming, the myZOMM software allows you to turn off the beeps (please do this for your own sanity).

I assumed leaving the Zomm paired to my iPhone would quickly decrease my phone’s battery life. However, that was not the case.

2. You would rather use a speakerphone in the car

Are you tired of the crappy Bluetooth earpieces that Verizon gives you for $20? Do you scramble to find the earpiece when your phone starts ringing while you are driving? Clip the Zomm to your visor and press its large “Z” button whenever you receive a phone call. The Zomm acts as a surprisingly loud speakerphone for your cell phone: Calls are clear and when you are ready to hang up, simply press the “Z” button again.

3. Someone is following you

If you are concerned for your personal safety, holding down the Zomm’s one magical “Z” button will activate a siren and call an emergency phone number.

There is an Android app for easily updating your Zomm’s settings, activating its lights and siren, and checking its last known location on a map. However, you must join a beta program for access. There is no equivalent iOS app (but there should be!).

The Zomm Wireless Leash is $89.99. That gets you the Leash in either black or white ($99.99 for pink), a USB cable, a power adaptor and a clip. The Zomm Safe Driving Kit is $39.99 – It includes a clip specifically designed for a car’s visor (although the clip that comes with the Leash works fine), a keychain piece that allows you to quickly add and remove the Leash to your keys and a car charger.

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