Apple in talks with Samsung over sourcing AMOLED screens for the iPad 3?

With Apple’s second generation iPad selling so well that the Cupertino company is having trouble making them fast enough, it’s a bit premature to talk about this iPad 3 … but let’s do it anyway! According to a source who spoke to The Korea Herald, Tim Cook, Apple’s temporary CEO until Steve Jobs returns from his medical absence, recently visited South Korea and had talks with Samsung about the potential of using an AMOLED display for the next generation iPad. The source also says that this next generation iPad is due out by the end of the year, which we don’t buy at all. Considering Samsung has yet to shove an AMOLED display inside any of their tablets, we find it a tough pill to swallow that they would purposefully give initial batches of their highly coveted technology to a competitor. That being said, Apple and Samsung are in the process of suing the pants off each other, so giving Apple an upper-hand with displays may be a way to settle their legal differences out of court.

The obvious benefits that an AMOLED display brings to the table are numerous. They’re not only brighter, but they also have better contrast ratios, consume less power, are thinner than than LCD counterparts, and they’re even easier to see in the sun. If Apple does decide to go with Samsung’s AMOLED screen, then they’ll be putting themselves in a corner since no one else in the industry produces AMOLED displays in volume at the moment. Samsung is due to open up a factory this summer that will do nothing but pump out AMOLED screens, so Apple may be interesting in buying the first several million in order to secure enough supply for what will surely be a hit product come Spring 2012.

What do you think, will this deal go through, or will the iPad 3 be very much like the iPad 2, but with faster guts?

[Via: 9to5 Mac]

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