How-To: Root the LG Revolution

So you have your LG Revolution in hand and you want to get your root on, do you? You’re in luck, because as you can do just that today. We’ve seen more elegant root solutions before, but this one is still pretty easy if you have everything set up correctly.

Do keep in mind that there’s always a chance that you could mess up your phone, even if it’s a very small chance. You will take all responsibility for your actions if something goes awry.

Also, there’s currently no recovery for this handset yet, so you’re stuck with what you have until a solution is found


ADB set up correctly with the correct drivers installed and Android SDK set up for the hack.

Let’s get started.

1.) Download these two files and place it in the Platform-tools folder of the Android SDK

File 1 – Rage

File 2 – SU

2.) Push the file you downloaded using ADB  “adb push rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin /data/local/temp/rage

3.) Type “adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/temp/rage”

4.) Type “adb shell ./data/local/temp/rage” You’re rooted!

5.) Now push the SU file  by typing “exit adb push su /system/bin adb shell chmod 755 /system/bin/su

6.) Reboot and go to the Android Market and download the Superuser app

Now you can rid yourself of Bing once and for all on the phone.

[Via: RootzWiki, Droid-Life]



  • Rooneybrandon

    too difficult and not clear enough

  • DjCQ

    it does work but he should put up a you tube video or something to better show how step by step

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