SoundHound’s new app offers voice search for music

SoundHound launched a new mobile app for Android and iOS-based devices to allow users to search for music information using their voice. Sounds easy and easy it is. Simple fire-up Hound (that’s the name of the app), say the name of a song, artist or band and let the application do its magic, returning instant results with artist info, previews of top songs, lyrics, videos, sharing features and more.

You may be thinking something like “that’s cool, but I can do most of it with the Google voice search.” Exactly, I do agree with that statement and honestly can’t imagine myself “hounding” for songs. Using the “classic” SoundHound app (which works like Shazam) makes perfect sense, but searching for music information with voice isn’t as appealing… or at least me thinks so. And this is especially true for Android smartphone users who usually have Google search widget (which comes with the Mic icon for voice search) on their devices’ homepage.

I do agree with SoundHound’s idea to make voice search simple and deliver fast results. However, I can’t imagine Hound’s icon on my phone’s homescreen nor using it when I need song information. What do you say?

Hound (FREE) [iTunes link] [Android Market link]

  • Agree with you. While i enjoy using SoundHound i don’t find a reason to have Hound installed on my smartphone.

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