Danger servers shuttered, bids farewell to Sidekick models of yesteryear

I’m not one to get nostalgic, but the shutting down of Danger servers, the service that powered the Sidekick for many years, has me feeling a little sullen and sorrowful. If you own an older Sidekick, like the LX or 2008 or 2009 models, you might have noticed this morning that your phone was effectively a feature phone. No more data, no more contacts, no more text messages. It is truly adieu.

Hopefully most of you went into T-Mobile to get your information backed up, or that you did it online. Otherwise, if you woke up to a huge surprise this morning when you looked at your phone, it might be too late.

The Sidekick pretty much depended on Danger servers, and every time those servers crashed or had an outage, it was a painful reminder of that reliance. Each time you powered off your phone or pulled the battery, you had to wait for it to connect to the network after powering up again in order to get all your data back.

On the bright side, the Sidekick is back in the form of the 4G version which is now powered by Android. But to differentiate it from other Android devices, aside from the form factor, it has a custom UI designed to appeal to the audience that the original Sidekick targeted. If you have the Sidekick 4G, you’re golden and you won’t have to worry about the Danger server shut down at all.

[Via: BGR]

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