Riptide GP for NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices is graphically rich and addicting to play

Another stellar game available for Tegra 2 devices is Riptide GP, a jet ski racing game that features stunning graphics and some neat tricks along the way. The game itself may be $6.99, but you’re definitely paying for a quality game that’s sure to entertain.

Riptide GP offers up multiple types of races from easy to hard, and you’ll unlock new players and levels as you go along. One of the firsts thing you’ll notice when your racing is just how real the water looks. The physics behind the movement and the realism is something you need to see for yourself. Of course, we wouldn’t expect any less from a Tegra 2 optimized game.

Gameplay is simple, as you navigate through the water and past opponents using the accelerometer. A speed boost is available to the player after a trick is performed using the bottom two corners of the screen as a gesture area. Different gestures will return different tricks, so variation is encouraged. After successfully landing a trick, the speed boost meter will increase. I like the approach of implementing gestures into the game, as it makes the gameplay more engaging.

We tested the game on a T-Mobile G2X previously, but recently got hold of the full version and played it on the Motorola Xoom. Playing on either device delivers great performance but playing Riptide on a screen with more real estate is a truly immersive experience.

I’m usually not a fan of racing games in general, but Riptide really grabbed me. From the gorgeous graphics and gameplay to its unique gesture implementation, Riptide is sure to please and becomes quickly addicting. Given the performance of Riptide GP on the NVIDIA Tegra 2, we’re impatiently awaiting to see more of what Kal-El brings to the table(t).

If you’re sold, head over to the Tegra Zone app or the Android Market to grab Riptide GP.

Check out the trailer below!

  • This looks like a copy of Hydro Thunder with jet skis instead of boats.

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