VinPass is a check-in service for wine lovers

VinPass is touted as the first cross-platform social game created for wine, allowing wine lovers to win badges and earn rewards by sharing wine reviews. To put it in other words – it’s a check-in service for wine drinkers and one I’ll be using pretty regularly. 🙂

The service leverages existing online and mobile wine communities and in that sense expects to reach more than 900,000 users. It’s not a single mobile app – but a platform which thus far is used with three mobile applications: Drync, Hello Vino and iRhone. Moreover, two wine social networks and are also allowing their users to check-in via VinPass.

It’s really easy to play – you just taste wine, write a review on any of the five existing wine sites or apps and unlock badges. It’s an ongoing game which lasts as long as your liver can handle it. Love it! 😉

VinPass’ lead sponsor is Wines of France (French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries), which has sponsored 10 badges representing different regions and wines of France. In addition, other sponsors include wine personalities Gary Vaynerchuk, Leslie Sbrocco, Evan Dawson and Joe Roberts (1WineDude) as well as a number of regional wine associations.

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