What is Apple hiding underneath these banners?

At WWDC 2011 this morning, we spotted these large banners covered with a black shroud. We know the event is going to cover Lion, iOS 5 and Apple’s new iCloud service, so what else could it be?

There has been no mention of a new iPhone scheduled for this event, and the past few months have been filled with rumors saying that it won’t be arriving until fall or early next year. It’s really hard to say if these are for the iPhone, but I do have my fingers crossed! After all, since the release of the very first Apple smartphone in June 2007, the Cupertino-based company has been releasing the iPhone-like clockwork every summer.

Any guesses? New hardware? Super new software?

  • billy

    Someone put up a blurry looking picture that read “iCloud” and a metallic app icon with a cloud on it. Whether or not that was a shoop, I think the biggest announcement is iCloud, and the banner probably touts it or an as-yet unannounced feature of iCloud.

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