Microsoft shows off Windows Phone Mango SkyDrive features

Windows Phone Mango Skydrive features detailed

WWindows Phone Mango Skydrive features detailede know that the Windows Phone Mango update will be coming in the Fall and Microsoft will continue to drip out details of the more-than-500 new features. In a blog post today, the company outlined the new benefits of having SkyDrive integrated in to the platform.

If you’re not familiar, Microsoft SkyDrive is a cloud storage service that gives users 25 GB of storage for free. Think of it like Dropbox without the simple UI and less cross-platform support. Still, Windows Phone Mango users should be very pleased with this because it essentially means that you won’t have to worry about how much storage is on your phone.

With the Windows Phone Mango SkyDrive integration, you’ll be able to share photos stored on SkyDrive via email, text, or IM, share videos, browse documents you’ve stored on the cloud and see what’s been shared with you. The videos below give you a good idea of what you can expect once this update lands.

Microsoft, Google and Apple are all making a big push with the cloud on mobile phones but Apple is sort of taking a different approach with its just-announced iCloud. The other solutions are viewing the cloud as essentially a hard drive in the cloud but Apple is taking an application-first approach to having all of your content available on all of your devices. It’s a bit more active than something like Dropbox and I really think iCloud will help mainstream users become more comfortable with having their data on the scary Internet.

Regardless, I’m a big fan of Windows Phone Mango and I can’t wait to see how the SkyDrive experience actually works out when you have a device in your hands. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming software update? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Windows Phone blog]

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