Motorola XT882: Dual core, dual SIM, dual mode (GMS/CDMA) Android smartphone for China

Our Chinese readers better be sitting down right now, we just found out about a new whopper of a device from Motorola called the XT882. What makes this thing special is that inside there’s a dual core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, support for two active SIM cards, and should you want to roam onto a CDMA network such as China Telecom, then you can do that too! It’ll run Android 2.3, have a 4 inch screen with a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, and it’ll also take 8 megapixel photos and record video in 1080p. There’s an HDMI port thrown in as well in case you want to connect this thing to your HDTV, and there’s a ridiculous 1880 mAh battery that should power this bad boy all day, even if you’re the type who likes to browse the net over WiFi while cafe hopping. There is a catch to all this of course, and that’s the price. Ringing in at $830 it’s one of, and probably the most, expensive Android smartphones on the market. But man, it really can do anything.

Right now you’re thinking will this thing come to the USA? Motorla has the Atrix on AT&T which is roughly the same, but drops support for CDMA, has a 5 megapixel camera versus 8 megapixel, and runs an older version of Android (v. 2.2), but on the bright side it features a larger 1930 mAh battery. Then there’s the Verizon variant of the Atrix known as the Bionic. That thing was announced back in January and it still hasn’t hit the market. It’s going to swap the Tegra 2 processor for one made by Texas Instruments, and we’re not really sure if it’ll pack support for GSM networks, but it’s pretty much the XT882 except for the larger 4.3 inch screen.

In other words, be patient and you’ll be able to pick up a variant of this soon.

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