OpenFeint’s GameFeed is a cross-platform news feed with real-time game updates from your network

Mobile social gaming network OpenFeint launched GameFeed, touting it as cross platform news feed with real time gaming updates from players’ OpenFeint network. Still in private beta, the new service is designed to “foster social competition,” allowing developers to expose their game’s community through a new drop-in widget with a single line of code.

Players on their end will see a Facebook-like stream of in-game updates based on the activity of other players in the OpenFeint network. By immediately seeing when a friend has bested a high score or unlocked a seemingly unattainable achievement, you will be able to challenge him or her right on the spot. Moreover, GameFeed will (soon) introduce users to new gamers, intelligently suggesting new friendships, featuring interesting changes to user profiles, and recommending new games that are popular among friends…

In a nutshell, GameFeed connects people by taking a simple act, like finishing a level or posting a high score, and turning it into a cross-platform shared experience.

Developers interested to implement GameFeed in their games should visit OpenFeint’s website.

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