Taptu 1.5 for Android updated with supercharged search, related stories and new UI

Taptu, the company behind the popular news reader we’ve already covered for few times in the past, updated its mobile app for Android. Version 1.5 brings several improvements, including supercharged search, related stories and the customizable UI that allows users to change the look and feel of the app on any Android device.

The updated search function scans both for the topic of a stream and for keywords within streams to provide even more news. As an example, Taptu says that searching for “LeBron James” will also display streams that include Taptu’s curated Basketball and Miami Heat streams as well as The Miami Herald’s Miami Heat blog and the Bleacher Report, since they both provide wide coverage of news related to James.

In addition, Taptu 1.5 also allows stream resizing and other customization such as the ability to color code them to get organized, hide photos or display different sized images. Moreover, article pages got a layout makeover, now containing full-sized photos and bigger headlines.

Taptu remains a free app and you can grab it from a link below.

Taptu (FREE) [Android Market link]

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