RIM VP confirms QNX BlackBerry in prototype stages, will likely be touchscreen slate

Carlo Chiarello, RIM’s business unit VP of GSM/UMTS, recently spoke about their progress for putting the PlayBook’s QNX-based operating system into smartphones. This is something RIM has admitted as an eventuality, but anything more specific beyond that has been hard to come by. Apparently here are already prototypes running the OS, which Chiarello says “look marvellous”, and though he was coy about a launch window, he did say that we can expect an all-touch form factor in a handset running at their upper tier. We already know that RIM’s QNX phones will be pretty high-end, since execs have said they’re waiting on dual-core processors before making the switch.

Timing will be a big factor; RIM’s doing the damnedest to get these phones out as quickly as possible, but we’re hearing that there are still problems getting these things out the door, and will not likely have anything new (other than the Bold 9900) for the back-to-school season. Android and iOS hardware has been outpacing BlackBerry for a long time now, but this switch to dual-core processors and a brand new operating system will mark the beginning of a big push to catch up. Whether app developers are willing go along for the ride is another story altogether, but once the dust settles and all of the functions from the old BlackBerry OS are plugged in the new QNX one, we may see a new and reinvigorated BlackBerry ecosystem. Here’s hoping, anyway.

[TechRadar via BerryReview]

  • Conqueracat

    Blackberry need to make a callibrated virtual screen like the LG DARE had .. a person could use their fingernail to type .. and fast .. Blackberry users want easy option of a slide keyboard and option to use virtual keyboard but a callibrated one ..  Please make it happen and dont even think of making one with out  Flash .. its ridiculous already … please… blackberry users need a good keyboard to type out the emails .. remember this when making your next one… thanks xx

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