Developer Economics 2011: 67% of developers currently using Android and 59% using iOS

Two companies, BlueVia and Vision Mobile, teamed-up to launch Developer Economics 2011, calling it the “quintessential mobile developer research report.” This is the second such annual report which explores issues like which platforms gained and lost developer mindshare, what are the most popular revenue models, which go-to-market channels are the fastest and quicker to pay, how will the apps in smartphones vs. tablets vs. TVs play a role in the future and more.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • 67% of developers currently using Android and 59% using iOS. This isn’t surprising considering that report covers 75 countries and in some places iPhone is either not available or too expensive for majority of the population.
  • In contrast, Java and Symbian are leaking developer mindshare.
  • 55% of developers building apps written in HTML or JavaScript

And you can get additional information from the official website of the Developer Economics 2011 report, which BTW now covers 12 mobile platforms.

  • While the Apple App Store might be more lucrative for some developers, it seems that Apple’s stringent app policies are affecting how many developers develop for them.

    Android’s more open approach seems to attract developers.  However, I believe the number also includes developers who are just entering the mobile arena. It costs less to enter into Android development thus making it an ideal test bed.

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