Nigeria enjoys 31% mobile browsing penetration, US 6%

The mobile phone world seems to revolve around the North America, Korean, and UK mobile phone market, but there’s more to the mobile scene than what we usually talk about. put together a chart of how other countries are using their phones to browse the web. The countries covered include Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, and Poland. They also included stats for South Korea, the UK, and the US for contrast.

The chart gives us a lot of information on every country and how they like to browse the web on their free time. Nigeria has the most market share for mobile phone browsing, with over 31% of all internet content being accessed from mobile. Luckily this report goes into more details than just that. It also shows Opera Mini as being the browser of choice for Nigerians, and that’s most likely due to the browser’s great server-side compression. That makes accessing the web from your phone much cheaper because the browser cuts the amount of data you use to view the same content you’d see on your computer.

India follows behind Nigeria with 20% of the internet being seen on small screen portable devices. Like Nigeria, they use Opera Mini as their go-to browser for viewing the web on their portable phones. Indonesia continues the Opera trend as being the most used browser, and also come in 3rd place for traffic with 11% penetration. Apple finally shows its strength in the UK and UK market by taking the browser lead in both countries, but that’s not a big surprise; these countries only browse the web from their phones/tablets 5% of the time.

The information on this chart is quite interesting. All of the countries covered included data on browser usage, most popular browser, and certain countries even come with extra remarks by the chart’s creator. It’s always good to know how the rest of the world is interacting with the web, especially compared with how we use it.

[Via: Quirkmode]

  • Chizaram

    Great article Wen.

  •  Nigeria has little or no fixed line telephone infrastructure through which most other nations have internet access provisioned to them. this has made mobile phones the only go to tech for reliable internet browsing. That’s also why Blackberry’s are huge in Nigeria at the moment.

    • guest

      They have no fixed line telephone infrastructure because they are so corrupt. The culture of corruption is so deeply rooted in Nigeria. What a shame. Many of them engage in scamming.

      • Anonymous

        Why dont you go take a drink from a toilet.  you know nothing about Nigeria other than what you see or hear in your local media.

        African countries have modern cities and infrastructure just like anywhere else in the world.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly what is the relevance of your comment?

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