Sony Ericsson Duo to be first dual-core Xperia phone?

Sony Ericsson’s follow-up to the Xperia Arc has made its first appearance today on some Chinese forums. Though there aren’t many details on specifications, the Duo will likely be Sony Ericsson’s first dual-core handset, have the same three hardware keys on the front, and pack some familiar-looking home screen widgets. It’s probably safe to assume that the Duo will have an 8 megapixel camera as Sony Ericsson’s other high-end smartphones, but some comments further in the leak’s discussion thread are suggesting that there will be no flash. According to the documentation, the model number will be SK19I.

Sony Ericsson has a few handsets on the way, like a new Mini Pro called the txt pro, a new tablet dubbed the S1, and a mid-sized smartphone code-named Urushi. The Xperia Play, though an interesting departure and enjoying lots of support from game makers, has yet to really take off. Hopefully Sony Ericsson has learned from their software mistakes with the Xperia X10 and will make sure these more traditional products will do well, especially when it comes to this new dual-core phone. It’s a whole new architecture that involves a lot of work if everything is to be properly optimized for both processors.

We’ll keep an eye out for more information on the Sony Ericsson Duo, in any case. I’m really curious to hear how big that screen is… Anyone want to take a guess? 4.5 inches?

[IT168 via PhoneArena]

  • Ba_legend22

    Sony always come out with nice sexy looking phones like the arc but why would you bring it out when you know everyone else is coming out with due cores so your phone is only nice for 3 months tops. Come on get with the program sony you did  that with the x10 and arc 

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